Open standard charging stations for Gothenburg

Open standard charging stations for Gothenburg Charging stations for Gothenburg to be based on an open standard.

Charging station specialist Opbrid is supporting new fast overhead conductive charging for the Volvo Electric and Electric-Hybrid Buses. Working with Siemens and ABB, Opbrid says that this Opportunity Charging System (OCS) will rapidly become the standard for bus charging stations worldwide.

The Volvo compatible OCS consists of two fixed bars on the roof of the bus, and a pantograph on the charging station that lowers to contact the bars on the bus. This four-contact OCS system transfers high DC power to charge bus batteries safely and economically. Fast charging for just a few minutes at each end of a bus route can power an electric bus 24 hours a day with fewer batteries.

“Opbrid has provided very similar overhead conductive systems since 2010 for Volvo, Hybricon, New Flyer and others, so this technology is very familiar to us,” says Opbrid CEO Roger Bedell. “We commend Volvo for the vision to make their OCS an open standard for the industry. Our goal is the same as theirs, to allow any bus to charge at any charging station.”